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Oops, I’m a Vegan!?

It’s been 13 days at being a vegan and I’m pleased to report that I’ve not had a single nibble of any animal flesh in this time. Though I admit I’ve been tempted on many an occasion by the sight and smell of juicy, sizzling bacon, and the odd-ball chocolate mousse cake. I had the gusto to turn them all away.

It was kind of amazing actually how easy it was to stay faithful to this diet. I used to be the person who made fun of people on these strict dietary regimes. I’m now eating my words as I do feel “better”. I’m lighter on my feet if that makes sense, probably because I’ve got less processing in my gut. Maybe other chemical things are going on that I don’t know about or understand.

(I did lose 6 pounds since I started)

Another weird and unexpected effect is that I don’t crave the meats or cheeses as much as I did before. It’s totally weird because I love that stuff! I still do; I’m sure I’d enjoy the taste of a pizza or a ribeye steak that I’ve slapped on my grill.

Oh my poor grill…. What am I going to do in the Summer? Grilled veggies?! Mushrooms? The abominable veggie burger?

For another 2 weeks I’ll stick with this vegan thing. I’ll get a blood test from the doctor and see if a month of no meats or diary products actually does anything significant for me. I did have somewhat of a high cholesterol issue.

But, thinking about all this goodness in my healthful choices, I did make some boo-boo(s).

1. I put sugar in my coffee.

2. I had a puff out of my tobacco pipe.

But, “I didn’t inhale…”.


6 thoughts on “Oops, I’m a Vegan!?

  1. Interesting. I’ve never agreed with the Vegan lifestyle, but I’ve also never been willing to try it. I imagine that’s the first step.
    The farthest I’ve ever gone is quasi-vegetarianism (still ate chicken and fish on accoasion, which turned into regularly, and finally gave up on it all together).
    Interestingly enough, these day my own diet consists of more fruits, veggies and grain (started chewing raw wheatberries recently – quite nice!) than meats and cheeses. Still, don’t think I’ll ever give those up.
    Why is sugar and tobacco a problem for vegans?

    • well, it’s a whole-foods vegan so processed things like white sugar shouldn’t be in the diet. But coffee without sugar is silly!

      Tobacco is just bad for you, period. So any health benefits reaped by being a vegan might be negated by smoking? I suppose that’s not good right.

      • Tobacco isn’t “bad for you period”. Cigarettes are, but tobacco itself is not. I enjoy pipes and cigars myself. I get certain tobaccos for the pipes so that I can inhale, and naturally I don’t inhale the cigars.
        Now, granted, a carcinogen is a carcinogen, but I recently read that even “dark toast” should be considered one,and is suspect as a “risk for cancer”.
        Life’s too short for such melo-drama. I’ll save you the “moderation” speech. Don’t fret yourself over something so simple as smoking a pipe. You probably do it because it relaxes you and you feel good doing it. That makes it a good thing.

        AS FOR SUGAR IN YOUR COFFEE – I understand. May I recommend something? Maple Syrup. I know, that sounds silly in and of itself. I’ve been drinking black coffee since my early teens, but have learned that in order to get any flavor out of a flavored coffee, you need a little cream and sugar, and I don’t like putting sugar in my coffee.
        So, in the mornings, I’ll occasionally put a little Grade B in my coffee.
        I’ve found it’s better to indulge closer to the morning.

  2. Hey, just remembered something – you mentioned grilling mushrooms. Last year, we actually tried grilling portobellas. Delicious. And… I gotta admit… a little meaty in flavor, as well. Forget the veggie burger, make yourself a bella burger!

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