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Bright, Sunny, Egg-less

I’m a whole-foods vegan. Temporarily. Just going to try this for 28 days with my wife and see how it goes. Well, only for 3 days now and I’ve got to say that I’m feeling the internal difference. I’m on the verge of my seat whenever my colleagues at work bring in their bacon cheese burgers for lunch (with french fries). There was an ache in my chest the other day; took me a moment to realize it was the pain of not having any ketchup in my diet. Ugh, I love ketchup.

Then, I found myself day dreaming while at my computer doing some work that I was walking to the hospital cafeteria. Row upon row of sloppy joes, taco Tuesday specials, and cold-cut submarines served by gentle elderly servers flashed before me. And I got these sudden headaches; I just wanted to lie down.

Are these symptoms of withdrawal?

This, I could learn to enjoy!

As part of this diet, we are choosing to avoid foods that came from anything that could have moved in its past life. I tried to make the argument that eggs shouldn’t be a part of the diet (it doesn’t move), but then I realized my empirical way of making-sense doesn’t always work against my wife. She’s a smart lady. Eggs, she says, are moving because they are inside the body of an animal that moves, hence, the eggs move by default.

A losing battle, for sure. Well, on the bright sunny egg-less side, we have been having….what shall we say? Healthy movements more than twice a day.

Oh, and I can still drink coffee, so all is good!


10 thoughts on “Bright, Sunny, Egg-less

  1. I often dream of doing something so healthy but then I walk into my kitchen and realize that I don’t have the will-power. I hope you are successful on the journey and I hope it benefits you greatly. I love the argument about the eggs!!

  2. Hahaha, hilarious line about co-workers and bacon filled sandwiches.

    I’m curious, however: why the experiment with being a vegan?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • We saw a show on Netflix about vegan diets. My wife and I decided “let’s try it for a month and see how it feels”. We’ve made the exception that if we’re in a social setting we don’t turn away food that is provided for us.
      Thanks for reading! I’m having fun.

  3. I was a raw foodist for years (but am not any longer) and you go through any myriad of “negative” feelings and sensations the deeper you go into a cleanse. Headaches, hunger, moodiness, white coating on your tongue are are incredibly normal. If you can move past it, you’ll feel more energized and vital. Stick with it! 🙂

  4. Good luck! I won’t tell you about the lovely dinner we just had then . . . I applaud your effort, but could never go that extreme. I could possibly handle it though if I still had my coffee. Veggies move inside trucks, just saying.

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