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Me, Matured?

I’ve lost my mojo for video games. I used spend time and money on video games, more than some, less than others. Nonetheless, I find now in my 30’s that games in general don’t excite or thrill me as they once have. Funny too, as I think the video games nowadays are more action-packed, more intense, and more realistic.

It’s pretty incredible how far the video game industry has come since the days of pong or pac-man. Then, a few pixels on a screen moving about by the simple manipulation of a joystick and a button drew the attention of so many, thousands. People would stand in line at the arcades to get at the newest games. I remember walking through shopping malls and seeing video arcades jam-packed with kids of all ages, from 5 to 50.

Gone are those days. Now, we have video games that have literally millions of pixels projected at speeds that are faster than our nervous systems can process. The games are smooth, real-looking, and even sound realistic. The musical scores in some of the fantasy/sci-fi games just blow my mind. I bet only a few years ago, buying an album with some of these orchestral arrangements would have cost a pretty penny–no game attached–and they would have sold well.

What’s next, implants?

Oh, did I mention that instead of a single joystick, we have controllers that have 3 – 4 input “sticks”, and more than 8 buttons. Some games even require the use of all these discrete inputs activated simultaneously or in specific combinatorial sequences. It’s complicated unless you know what you’re doing. Even experienced gamers, like myself, may still have to endure a steep learning-curve to get good at some challenge.

Then, the range of games is mind-boggling. Whoa! Role-playing, strategy, shooters, etc., and then for the crazies, there’s the online multiplayer games. I’m not even going to bother listing them. So many!


It’s like pizza. I used to love pizza. But despite all the toppings and combinations of what you can get on a pizza nowadays, I’m simply not motivated to partake in the yummy dough baked cheesy goodness that is pizza. Despite the rise in the quality and intensity of the modern video game. I find myself thinking I need to spend my time in other things.

Video games aren’t pizza, but maybe it’s because I’m trying to consume a healthier diet in what my body (and mind) take in. Whatever the reason, I’m maturing and it’s weird.


6 thoughts on “Me, Matured?

  1. Ah, there’s an implication that videogames are unhealthy for the mind and/or immature.

    Not liking videogames is fine; shoot, thinking their immature is fine too, to be honest. It’s all subjective value judgments we give to things.

    But you do admit that games have gotten more advanced. I’d argue they’ve gotten more mature, in storytelling in particular. A great videogame isn’t a substitute for an engrossing book or through provoking movie, but they’re getting mighty close.

    Eventually, they may even affect us emotionally like movies and books can. Any vehicle for a great story has that power, no?

    • Yes, I agree. Video games do have the power to tell stories in ways that a book or movie cannot do. The interaction alone is incredibly deep on some of the role-playing type games.

      I’ve heard some 13-16 year olds get emotional over games…. the first-person shooter kind.

      Thanks for commenting!!!

    • I definitely find that video games (at least of a certain genre) are becoming more and more like reading a book/watching a movie. An RPG can have you working and interacting with the same group of characters for hours and hours of your life and I’ve found, that if something happens to one of those characters, I’m actually somewhat upset about it. Playing the game changes after you lose a companion that’s been in the party for the entirety of the game to that point. I get the same feeling when a character is killed off in a movie or in a book series that I’ve been keeping up with. It may be fiction, but you feel that loss as the story progresses.

  2. I so feel this one. I find the best cure, though, is focusing on what you like, what works for you (with controllers) and the old games you used to love.
    Mostly I only play games on the PC. I hate all the buttons and crap on the controllers. I still have my old NES and Super NES, still in working order with a library of cartridges.
    I’m a longtime newgrounds user, and still check in from time to time to play some of the newer stuff, but it’s mostly made by the bigger online game companies, like Kongregate.
    I’m loving old games using emulators. There’s also newer versions of older games.
    Ever play text adventures?

    • Yeah, I used to play MUDDs. If you know what those are, you’re kinda old like me. Good times overall. I just don’t have that drive like I used to.

      In general the PC scene has gotten better, but keeping up the tech is expensive.

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