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Adventurous Writing

Writing about naught. I’m sure I’ve got something inspring to say this afternoon on Saturday. It’s raining. A good time to sit back with a cup o’ joe and brain dump a blog post. I’m inspired to say the least by a lot of other bloggers. They have so much interesting content that I’m betting, with my limited financial prowess, that a lot of it comes from reading a lot.

There’s a whole lot of material out there…. like movie reviews, food tasting, current event news stories, and the like. I’m still trying to find my niche of what I like to write about here on my blog. 


A stock photo...from somewhere out there

I guess it’s going to end up as a sort of a melange of many things. Some of my thoughts come out impulsively and I post a tad too quickly; in which I end up suffering the bit of grammatical pop-ups that appear when I re-read my already published material.

I suppose I’d rather just be myself and not be afraid to communicate at this moment (this absolute micro-second) what my brain is trying to congregate as a cohesive thought or idea. Really, in being really uninhibited, the real me comes out and I discover him, whilst also allowing others to see that person, too. Kinda scary.

I suppose I could keep this blog post in draft mode, but hey, it’s Saturday and I’m feeling adventurous (!) right now. 


4 thoughts on “Adventurous Writing

  1. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a few other blogs, to talk about things that I refuse to on my blog, because it’s a weight loss blog, and not anything else. So, religion and politics is out, and most other things are out too, simply because I don’t want to be distracted. By the way, just as you find yourself inspired by other blogs, keep in mind that some see your blog in the same manner. I know I do.

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