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Please, define the word “definition”

I’m an empirical scientist (as I like to remind myself on the slow days piled high with desk work). If I don’t understand something, then I search for answers. We, as scientists, are trained to find answers for questions that no one really thought to ask before. Actually, we ask stupid questions like 95% of the time, maybe more. And here’s one….

What’s the definition of the word “motivated”?

Dictionary says “the feeling or thought of being motivated.”

That’s the answer…are we kidding me! The defined word is my word with the same word! The definition is a word with 99.9% of the same letters used in original. Tell me, how is this good? This is totally useless. Please provide the pretend-I’m-stupid-tell-me-what-that-really-means definition and let me go on my way.

I need solid definitions in my job: to know the truth or meaning in (or under and over) an experimental result. Give me all the definitions and concepts on a silver plate. I’ll eat it because it gives me a picture of what’s normal and broken.

Politicians are experts with definition-ing-ing….

It gives them power. That is my thinking now after talking with people and listening to what they have to say. Not too long ago, I had the TV running. The focus was on the candidates’ views on religious faith and how it played a role in their political careers and aspirations.

As I watched, I wanted to hear someone say something solid, tangible, something I could sink my teeth into.  Of all the candidates that I watched, every answer was a one-liner.  Words of wisdom backed up by nothing, except the next unrelated question. Listen to this:

“It was my faith that gave me the courage to get me through it.”

“It was her faith that gave her the strength to do what she thought was right.”

The power of undefined faith

Apart from poor grammer, nobody defined what their faith was!  I have respect for people who have faith.  I have respect for people who have passionate beliefs.  But, only if the faith is in something worthy, worthwhile, something good.  I never once during the whole discussion heard the candidates define their faith.  Did they have faith in the coffee? The chair? This blog? Really, I have no clue.

Adolf Hitler had faith.  And his faith was so strong that millions had faith in Him.


4 thoughts on “Please, define the word “definition”

  1. You may find my post on David Cameron and his use of the word fair, taking you on a journey down the same thought trails 😉 Twat! Another spangler here Neuro Vantage, you got yourself a loyal reader… Dawny 😉

  2. Neuro Vantage! 2nd attempt at replying (damn you wordpress ;)). This made me laugh a lot. I really do ‘write how I talk’ and often I forget, people are not familiar with Dawny as a language. I may well invent a Dawny Dictionary page lol. Oh and i’m so glad you enjoyed my Cameron rant, (TWAT reflected the mainstream definition, where-as spangler is ‘Dawny’ for … This post ROCKS! (yours), and it does…Dawny 😉

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