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Name That Condition, What!

I laugh at my wife’s inability to name her joint “condition” that causes her pain and discomfort. It reminds me….of a special fictional villain, Vol–Shhh…. I mean He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

It’s interesting that naming things is so important for us. We get a pet dog, we name it. We sneeze and say it’s a “cold” or “allergies”. Naming things give these things impact, meaning, substance.

This is true also of science research. We name things. We define, we add to observations, and flesh them out. Human sufferings are vague, intangible things, until they are diagnosed by a doctor. Obviously, some sufferings are easier to name than others. Some sufferings and human conditions are so complex they require many names.

Other times, doctors and scientists study the same disease, but give it different names. It’s really confusing! Even I’m confused, and I’m up to my face in this pathology stuff.

Keeping it lite, I hope my wife remembers what her joint condition is.

Cuz’ I’m not that kind of doctor.


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