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Starbucks Wisdom

I walk into a Starbucks today and the barista, that’s what they call themselves, sees that I’m wearing a Berkley T-shirt. He asks if I was currently a student there, I said, “No–” and told him that I graduated “…a long time ago.”

The barista responds, “Yeah, you look old…err… wise.”

“Old?” I say.

“No wiser.”

“You mean old,” I reply.

“Older people are wiser,” he says.

What a dork.


5 thoughts on “Starbucks Wisdom

  1. Just remember with age comes wisdom. The barista must have been around 12 years old and obviously needs to keep his opinions to himself. I hope you dazzled him with your multiple degrees!

  2. tiffanydrape says:

    funding = nightmare…..that’s all i have to say right now considering i sat in mtgs. all morning about funding!!! ;~) nice post though!

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