Existence, Philosophy

The Meaningful Brain

Existence (a brief thought experiment)

IT is interesting that the brain, the seat of our mental prowess and the maker and expression of our very being, is totally useless without the rest of the body. Without our lungs to feed the brain oxygen, the heart to pump blood to bring food and air to sustain the tissues, and the digestive system to break down food intake and expel waste; without the muscles and the bones andthe connective ligaments to provide a way for the brain to interact with the outside world, without these things, the brain is pointless.

So, one could say that the rest of the body which constitute 150-170lbs of physical mass (more or less depending on the person) was designed for no other reason than to give our brains meaning and power to express its self-imposed importance.

So can we conclude that the entirety of the Universe, its immense mass like that of a human body in support of the brain, was designed to give me the ability to do more than live in these mortal boundaries?


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