Academia, Career

Academic Struggle (A Look Back)

Written 5 years ago:

STRUGGLES of late. A big move off the Big Apple Island, Manhattan. The move was quick and furious. It has become apparent to me that moving takes a lot more out of you than you might begin to imagine when you first consier the endeavor. Perhaps it has something to do with the both-ness about moving: both in that you’re leaving behind something old, and moving toward something new.

It all happens together.

I’m unsure now where I stand. My career has shifted twice in less than 2 years. Unknown to me, where I am going, or how well I am doing. How odd I feel. This is the adventure that I am living. And I am grateful I’m not alone in it. No journey should be traveled alone. We weren’t built to live that way.

When I look back, I ponder the possibility that I may have made an error, or more than one. But, deeper still in the back parts of the mind, I’m quite sure that I cannot make that decision with any confidence. So, whether or not it is a mistake that I moved from academia into industry and back again; I cannot tell. It is an inconclusive and pointless challenge to myself to do such thinking.

I wrote the above two years ago…. I had left academic life for a short while, then I returned to the ivory tower. It is something I don’t think I’d do ever again, but as a young-ish person in his 30’s I’m glad I got the wondering part out of the way. During this time away from academia, I had also become a magazine editor/copywriter (the glossy print type you see in the supermarket). That was a great job that I miss now. But, if you read my post “Academia is Hard“, you’ll know why I do what I do.


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