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The Purpose of Work

THE purpose of work is to have a desired result (a reward).  So, a person labors.

There is always a result, but not always expected or rewarding. You’re not always going to get paid for what you’ve done.  In hindsight, a poor result fails to satisfy the original purpose of starting the work in the first place. For example, you study 3 days straight for an exam and get a “D”.

The work is usually repeated and repeated, until the reward is attained.  But there’s no promise that a person will be reward just because they work.

Here’s the point: 

The purpose of work is to work, because work should satisfy you.  Work should fill your cup until it overflows, type of thing, is the mindset around many professional academics.  I agree with it partly….

Do you know what it says on the metal gate at the entrance into Auschewitz, the Nazi death camp?

“Work Makes One Free.”


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