Faith, Philosophy, Time

Memory and Time – Clockworks

TIME seems to speed up as we get older because our ability to remember things decreases.

Maybe it is true that the sense of time in our lives is linked to the memories we have and how vivid they are.  As more and more space in our memory capacity is taken up, perhaps there is less and less room to cram stuff in.  So to compensate, the brain lets fewer and fewer details in.

Resolution decreases with age.  Is it the high-definition memory that maintains our sense of youth and vitality.  I feel as though some things I have done have blurred a little.  Was I really wearing a sweater at that graduation ceremony? Probably not even an important memory or detail.  But it was in my head at one point or another.  Now it’s not relevant so I’ve forgotten.  I’ve forgotten because I’m older.

That sense of time passing is dependent on something inside that keeps our life experiences fresh. I am probably doing less hectic things like going to the hang out places much less often.  There are more business things to do on weekends than in college.

What an interesting concept to reflect on: time perception.

So what if we lived without time at all, lived in a place where we lived infinitely, then we would have no memories because they would have no orientation or tangible place.  The resolution would be so low, blurred, as to be absolutely irrelevant and nothing.


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