Thinking: the basis for faith

What is faith?

Well, let’s think about it.

I have to undergo a small surgery (nothing life-threatening) and I consult with a doctor. The doctor explains every detail to comfort me:

“I’m certified in the procedure”.

“I’ve done this a million times.”

“This is the procedure, step-by-step.”

After a while, I gather enough data that fills me with confidence in the doctor. I now trust him based on multiple sources of information. I have faith in his abilities to perform the surgery on my body.

The day I walk into the office for the surgery, I’m feeling good. I have hope that the day will end well.

Then, I walk into the surgical suite. To my horror, this is what I see: scalpels, needles, syringes, and more sharp instrumentation! They are all laid out just for me!

I begin to lose my faith. By sight, my confidence is eroded.

But, then I realize in my fear I have information I remember. I re-consider (re-think) what the doctor said about his experience, the exact procedure, and so on.

My fear is assuaged because my faith is restored by thinking, considering.


6 thoughts on “Thinking: the basis for faith

  1. scythewieldor says:

    Dear Neuro vantage,
    Apostle Paul says we are saved by hope. When we hear a doctor say “This procedure is your only hope”, nothing happens unless we believe him.
    In other words, hope begins to have substance when we believe in a savior. We substantiate that hope, further, when we get the means together to fund the operation. Then, you have to give up control over yourself. Finally, you have to get use to the feeling of the changes the flesh endured.
    Changing from unsaved to saved requires a man to add his own evidence to an invisible – yet, real – hope.

  2. The word “faith” confuses so many people because it has become culturally bound to modern organized religion. Faith came long before religion, it is a behavioral instinct, as you aptly describe. Another interesting question is “Why is faith?”, particularly what prompts our species to adapt faith. Hope to hear more about this topic!

    • A behavioral instinct? Hmm, yes, I might agree with you. Never thought of faith as an “instinct”. I will certainly ponder this human faith thing….and write about it, of course!

      Also, I agree that faith did precede organized religion.

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