Sleep Your Life Away

Monday morning. I had a restful weekend. There was a chance to decompress and catch up on sleep. Sleep is hard to come by in this busy world we live in.

I wonder what it is like for people in remote parts of the globe. How do they sleep? Are they free from the cares and concerns that our culture in the developed world have?

Sleep, I think, is like a thermometer for a person’s peace with things. Maybe not all the time, but perhaps a lot of the problems with trying to get sleep (i.e., enough sleep or the quality of sleep) is due to the lack of peace of mind.

Anxiety–the destroyer of sleep.

How weird and mysterious that humans need so much sleep. The statistic is that we spend up to 30% of our lives unconscious. We don’t truly live all our lives experiencing everything that is possible — we miss life’s chances by sleeping through them, some might say. Let’s say you live until 70 years old. That means that you experience conscious living for 49 years.

Thinking about this stuff can keep you awake late at night just thinking about it.


3 thoughts on “Sleep Your Life Away

  1. Never thought about sleeping that way! I’ve got to say though, I feel way more ready and prepared to deal with my day when I get enough sleep. Maybe seize the day, so you don’t have to worry about seizing the night as well? haha

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